Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Get Pregnant- New Technology Of IVF May Help You

Get Pregnant Naturally

Getting pregnant with IVF (in vitro fertilization) is a new and very effective way as we all know. Now U.K has discovered a new technology that prescreens embryos for genetic defects before implanting them. It has the potential to boost the success rates of IVF as much as 50% and more. This technology is helping more feasible for couples, who can’t conceive naturally, said by some expert. Now a day, IVF is used as the alternative to natural pregnancy, which can lead you disappointing and failure too. It is said that as many as 80% of all IVF embryos are getting failure result to successfully implant because of chromosomes that remain undetected during conventional screening.
Getting pregnant with new technology of IVF makes it possible to analyze the large portion of embryonic DNA for chromosomes defects prior to implant that allow for much higher success rate. This new technology has known as New Generation Sequencing (NGS) that is capable of quickly scanning the human genome for any kind of pattern that might inhibit a successful implant. According to U.K’s independent, machines that utilize NGS are capable of scanning millions of strands of DNA from a single cell that are taken from embryo and it can produce instant and accurate result. With this NGS technology, doctors can assess that which embryos have the best chances of survival and then they use those embryos in their patients.  

According to Dr. Dagan Wells from Biomedical Research center at Oxford University, many embryos which are produced during infertility treatments have no chances of becoming a baby due to carrying lethal genetic abnormalities. Dr. Dagan helped to develop NGS technology too. This NGS technology has improved and it has the ability to detect those embryos which produce abnormalities and helps us to recognize the best embryos with best chances of producing a viable pregnancy.
How to get pregnant is the biggest question for you if you are trying to conceive for a long time? Above written news is taken from natural news. This news is very helpful in your way but it may be most expensive and time consuming treatment. Here is a miracle product which helps you in getting pregnant naturally without any doctors help with any case of infertility.

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