Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to get pregnant- Effective Sexual Positions for Getting Pregnant easily

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that sexual positions are very important in getting pregnant very fast. Some people believe that position doesn’t matter because once the sperms reach the female's body; it is almost unpredictable whether or not any of them will be able to fertilize the egg. Yes it is true to a great extent, but there are several instances when there is no infertility or physical reason for not getting pregnant. In such circumstances, sexual positions are highly important to help the sperms move quickly to eggs.

The whole idea behind the importance of sexual positions in getting pregnant is to ensure that sperms are deposited as near to the cervix as possible. Once you analyze you correct ovulation time, you must focus on making love in such a way that fertilization take place as quickly as possible. It is possible by having sex in certain positions that helps your man release sperms directly to your cervix.

Following are some of the best positions that help you do so. You may also try yoga for getting pregnant.

Doggy Style- Not many people are aware that apart from being somewhat easier for men to have sex in this rear entry position, it also helps in depositing sperms directly to the cervix. It ensures quick fertilization that result in pregnancy.

Man on Top – Most natural and also the most common position for couples, it helps man penetrate deeper which helps sperm move quickly to eggs. Woman-on top positions must be avoided if you want to get pregnant easily.

Using Pillow – There are times when despite having sex in man-on-top position, sperms do not reach the cervix easily. In order to facilitate faster movement of sperms, a pillow can be placed under the woman’s hips. It exposes the cervix to maximum possible extent and it receives sperms easily

Failing to Plan is planning to fail is true for getting pregnant also if you are not able to get pregnant for a long time.

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