Sunday, June 26, 2011

How To Conceive A Baby Boy

Ideally, a couple would like to have a boy and a girl and this should make for a happy family. If a girl child is born first then the couple would surely want a baby boy to complete the roundup. However, the nature of pregnancy is such that you could have a boy or a girl: there are equal chances. So, how would you go about ensuring that you are more likely to have a baby boy?

Ovulation and time of fertilization are key factors that largely influence the sex of the progeny. A woman should keep track of when she ovulates. The exact day is important. By keeping track of when she has her periods over a few months she can determine the exact day when ovulation takes place. Maintain a chart and know the exact day when you ovulate. There are key indicators to ovulation such as a raised basal body temperature, tenderness in breasts, swollen vulva and vaginal canal, increased sexual desire in a woman, nausea and headaches for some and increased mucus secretion in the vagina are definitive pointers that ovulation is taking place. This is the right time for intercourse and impregnation with higher probabilities of having a baby boy.

A couple should adopt sex positions that are conducive for deeper penetration and orgasm in a woman first. This method is important since sperm responsible for the male child are fast “swimmers” but weaker. By having sex on the day of ovulation or the night before, these weaker but faster sperm get to the egg first and fertilize the egg for a male child. By adopting the right sex position (doggy style, for example), ejaculation takes place closer to the cervix and the faster male sperm can get to the egg first. It is important also for the woman to have an orgasm before the man does as resulting in cervical contractions that draw in the semen towards the uterus. When a woman has an orgasm, endorphins are released and the pH level in the vagina becomes more alkaline, again making it more conducive for male sperms to survive and get there to the egg first. Try to abstain having sex the days following ovulation as it might result in a girl child.

The other things a woman can do to ensure she conceives a baby boy is to eat the right kinds of foods that promote alkalinity in the vaginal fluids. Avoid acidic soda drinks; caffeine, dairy products, whole grain and alkaline fruits might help.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lose Weight- How Obesity Is Responsible For Your Infertility?

Now a day’s infertility is rising day by day. These day’s one couple is infertile out of six couples. They try several things to avoid their infertility without success. They are ready to do everything to conceive the baby who is told by their friends, relatives and doctors. Do you know what exactly is infertility?

If a couple are not able to conceive after one year of regular, unprotected and well-timed intercourse is called as infertile couple. There are two types of infertility such as primary infertility and secondary infertility. If a couple can never conceive their own child is primary infertility and infertility can be removed if the partner has been changed is secondary infertility.

There are several reasons of infertility but the most important and very common reason is obesity or being overweight. Obesity is a risk factor for infertility in both men and women. Men which has high BMI (body mass index) were significantly is more likely to be infertile than normal weight men. A research said that extra 20 pounds weight than normal body weight increases 10% chances of infertility in men.

Women who are fat or over weight tend to have more difficulties in getting problem than normal weight women. Obesity not only creates ovulation problem but also causes infertility in women who have normal ovulation. So, if you are overweight women, first you need to plan to lose weight before getting pregnant is must. There is a miracle product that can help you get pregnant in just 2 months naturally without the medical help.

Want to get pregnant fast without the problem you need to focus on How to reduce weight as fast as possible.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to impress a girl- 2 most useful tips to impress a girl at first date

Most men try many things to impress a girl so, she can start liking him or fall in love with him. Everybody knows that if you want to get a good job of your choice, first you need to impress your interviewer. It is said that first impression is the last impression. Many men are there who thinks that they can’t learn about how to impress a girl because they are shy. So, if you are dying to know how to impress a girl tactfully, you need to follow these tips. There are 2 most amazing tips which can be helpful in your way.

First step- if you want to impress a girl, the best way is retain you status by natural talents. If a girl that impresses with your money and status, it means she is looking for money not for you. A natural talent involves the way you talk and present yourself.

Second step- there are some good and challenging question that drawn her to you. Ask some leading question such as what makes you different from other women? How you would be rating if you are in a kissing school? What do you do for fun e.t.c?

These techniques are very useful while you are thinking to impress a girl at first date. However, if you want to know exactly how to impress a girl, you need some most powerful advice of experts who got the success in this line.

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