Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Getting Pregnant- Risks of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Preeclampsia is a potentially very dangerous disorder that occurs during pregnancy. This dangerous complication is facing many pregnant women. According to cbs news, new research suggests an experimental test may be able to abolish of this illness during pregnancy. Researchers from Kings College London say that they have developed a new test that can predict which women are suffering from this preeclampsia disorder. This news has published in the American Heart Association’s Journal, circulation. In United State, high blood pressure in pregnant women affects 6 percent to 8 percent.
How To Get Pregnant Naturally
Expert says that preeclampsia is a critical complex form of high blood pressure in pregnant women that can damage the kidneys, liver and brain. It can lead you to the fatal complications which are premature delivery, low birth weight and still birth if you leave this disorder untreated. Preeclampsia occurs due to excess protein in the urine of pregnant lady. According to AHA, the symptoms of preeclampsia include persistent headache, abdominal pain, blurred vision or light sensitivity. This test is designed to differentiate women with high blood pressure alone. So, if you want to avoid this dangerous disorder, your doctor needs to check to blood pressure regularly. The test of preeclampsia, gives you report of condition of current situations.
Expert says that high blood pressure is more common in first pregnancy. The most scarring thing with preeclampsia that it can be life threatening for pregnant mom and unborn baby too. To avoid this critical situation, you need to control your blood pressure especially during pregnancy. There are many ways to control blood pressure such as specific muscle relaxing exercises, control your physical stress, eat less salty diet, fight against emotional stress, keep yourself busy, resolve conflicts, listen to yourself, have adequate rest, spend time with visualizing yourself with baby and relax your mind by listening soothing  music.