Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to get pregnant- yoga poses for getting pregnant

Getting pregnant is the easiest thing in the world but some women finds it very difficult. They try month after month to conceive naturally without success. Now a day’s many women goes for fertility treatment that is very expensive and painful. So, now you do not need to worry at all. These days yoga is also very helpful in conception. It helps people to get pregnant fast and naturally without any medical help. It is said that yoga is not the only way that can make you pregnant but it can help you in keeping you calm and stress free. Stress is the bigger problem for getting pregnant. According to an widely reported study of women who were suffering from infertility, those who took part in this stress reduction program which is reduced by yoga poses for getting pregnant were nearly three times more likely to conceive fast than those women who did not participate in this program. Getting pregnant is two times more difficult for those women who suffer from depression.

Why does stress create problems in conception?

If you suffer from stress for a long time (chronic stress) your brain shifts to survival mode and begin to produce stress hormones like hydrocortisone and adrenaline while slowing down the production of reproductive hormones. It creates problem in ovulation and makes you unable to get pregnant.

How does yoga helps in getting pregnant?

Many women need to be stress free to conceive but they are unable to do so. After trying for a long time they stop for trying to get pregnant and be relaxed, it just works on that time. This is because of relaxation. Relaxation is more than evident with yoga as well. There are several yoga poses which is very helpful in making you pregnant fast and naturally. These yoga poses such as gentle yoga, restorative yoga, and meditative yoga. These yoga poses are ideal for conception.

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