Thursday, March 1, 2012

Infertility Treatment of Future-Stem Cells Generated Human Eggs

A new study conducted by Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital says that stem cells can be extracted from human ovaries and they can create egg cells. This has been done in lab to obtain reproductive cells from mouse ovaries. if confirmed by advanced studies, the same technique can be used to treat infertility in humans too.

The team led by biologist Jonathan L Tilly used a cell-sorting machine to separate out marked cells. They applied the above mentioned technique to obtain reproductive cells from human ovaries. The team successfully retrieved reproductive cell to produce immature egg cells in lab. These egg cells generated follicles and mature eggs in mice. Some of these eggs had single set of chromosomes, a signature of eggs and sperms.

It is believed that women are born with a complement of egg cells that must last throughout life and that women don’t make new cells after they are born. However Tilly has long disputed this belief. He reported in 2005 that there is a huge reserve of cells on women’s bone marrow. This reserve constantly replenish ovaries with new eggs. However many other researchers could not confirm it.

Tilly and team say that their new research opens up” a new field in human reproductive biology that was inconceivable less than 10 years ago”
Though it is too early to say that it can really be useful for treating infertility in human, it is definitely a good news for couple suffering from infertility.

Currently there are several other techniques and methods that help you cure infertility to some extent. Proper diet and nurtrition is one of them. Some simple steps like knowing your most fertile period and trying some yogic methods are often helpful in treating infertility.
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