Thursday, May 9, 2013

Get pregnant Naturally; Technology is Not A Tool To Conceive

Getting pregnant and becoming mother is a very natural and common procedure for everywoman. There many couple in the world who thinks that if they cannot have children, they can have it with the help of technology. Technical procedure to get pregnant is in-vitro-fertilization. With in-vitro fertilization treatment shows only 50% success rate. Many couples who belong to very rich family find it a very easy and convenient option to get pregnant if there is a difficulty in getting pregnant naturally. They ignore the reality that if there is 50% succession rate there is also 50% failure rate. 


Many failed treatment brought to the light recently, the problem is infertility and over dependence on technology. According to the world health organization statistics, two couples out of six couple are infertile.  World health organization statistics says….
·        25 to 35 % are due to male infertility that is low sperm count, lack of good morphology and over active sperm.
·        25 to 35% are due to women infertility where ovary functioning is not sufficient that is the number of eggs was very low.
·        Age factor plays a major role in conception, a woman more than 35 years of age will have difficulty in getting pregnant.
·        Another category of unexplained factors where both male and female are normal in their clinical examination but still they are  having  problems in conception constitute another 25 to 35%.
·        With In-vitro-fertilization, conception must be carried out with proper diagnose to avoid abnormalities in the child.
·        Long term medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure sets in and these multiply the risk of pregnancy in women.
Gynecologist says our first step is medication and later depending on the age of the women I-V-F is suggested. It must be clear that I-V-F can prove to be a success in its first cycle or there are repeated cycles every four months. This I-V-F treatment is very expensive and this is also not 100% sure. It is not at all suggested that you should not go for I-V-F treatment or any other expensive treatment for conception but if you can Get Pregnant Naturally without any medical help, then why to waste our hard earned money?

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