Thursday, May 10, 2012

How to remain happy always

Hanging on to good times key to happiness. Now a day’s everybody is busy in their hectic schedule. Many people says that thay have no reason for happiness, but it’s totally wrong. Every body has a reason to smile and be happy.
Science says that happiness can improve your lifespan and your beauty too. Happiness is the key for improving your health condition if you are suffring from any kind of disease and stress/tension.
U.S researchers carried out a survey on happiness. They’v found that happiness is among of those people who have got a positive change in their lives. The most important reason behind unhappy people is that they are not satisfied with present life. they stopped beaing happy because they stopped having fresh experience of the change.They always keep wanting more……!
Many divorced men and women compare their present wife and husband with their past. Many men/women compare their present job with thier earlier job. So, there are many reasons for being unhappy.
Very few people are able to appreciate what they had and to keep having new experiences. Satisfaction is the most importan for being happy for no reason. Many women are not able to get pregnant easily and naturally and their big reason is stress and tension. There are several methods to get rid of stress and tension without any medical help. Being happy can help infertile women in getting pregnant naturally. Being happy and positive can even help you remain healthy, fit and in shape. Read more about how to get back in shape.
The famous thought is “Happiness is not a station where we arrive, but this is the manner of travelling in life”. So, lifeis precious, spend it happily…..!

Find happiness in nature

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