Thursday, April 28, 2011

What causes wrinkles on your face?

There are several reasons such as dehydration, sleep, omega fatty acids, pollutions and sun which cause the wrinkles on your skin. So before doing several efforts to get rid of wrinkles, it’s more important to know what causes the wrinkles?

Sunlight is the most important factor that causes the wrinkles. It can damage your skin even through the glasses. When you drive or sit in a conservatory, your skin is much damaged. It is not safe at all. It can be so starting that the exposed side of the face can end up looking years older than the unexposed side of the face. A study has found that an effect of sun on your skin is worse than it previously realized. Sun has 2 ultraviolet rays that’s A and B. A rays that causes the skin burn and age effects do get through the glasses and glasses does hold back the sun’s ultraviolet B rays.

Leading dermatologist and photo biologist says that if your skin exposes everyday in the sun, your skin can damage more than twice as quickly as skin that is protected from the sun.

A team at the university, college, hospital, Besancon in France conducted the first study on how sections of the face age at different rate to exposure in sun. Researchers found participants showed significantly more clinical signs of ageing on one side of their face due to driving or working close to window over many years. These signs of ageing can include dark spots, wrinkles, droopy and leathery skin and broken blood vessels. So, now let’s talk about how to reduce wrinkles? There are some most important tips which can help in reducing the wrinkles and makes you youthful naturally.

Tips to reduce wrinkles:-

1. Eat a lot of spinach, salads and leafy vegetable that are rich in vitamin E and A.

2. You need to get proper sleep. Dermatologist says that lack of sleep leads the body to produce more cortisol, a hormone that harms the skin cells.

3. Keep drinking a plenty of water. 10 to 12 glasses of water a day is good for your skin and even for your health.

4. According to dermatology from American academy applying sunscreen on your skin prevents from the wrinkles and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

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