Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sex life is the key to a longer life

Sex life improves your longevity if you are in good relationship or you are very faithful to your partner. A report from times of India, an active sex life is the key to a longer life for men. Italian medical researchers have found that a healthy and pleasurable sex life means fewer cardiovascular problems for men. The evident from the research was if a man has active sex life and he is faithful to his partner then he will get a fewer cardiovascular complaints and he will live a longer life than other man.

When you increase your sexual activity it produces more testosterone, which leads to less depression and a better cardiovascular performance. It helps you in improving your metabolism. The telegraph quoted Emmanuele, Jannini coordinator of the research said the study has revealed that men who were unfaithful to their partner had a poor cardiovascular performance because they suffer from stress that increases day by day for their infidelity. An increased amount of testosterone produces during sex is good for men because it burns off extra sugar. It reduces the risk of heart diseases. A healthy sex life is very beneficial especially for diabetes patients. An active sex life is also helpful in avoiding prostate problems.

So, girls if you want to live longer life with your partner, you need to improve your libido. So, get ready to improve your libido because sex equals longevity for males.

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