Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How To Get Pregnant - Secrets Of Being Mom

Most women want to grow up and be mothers. But some are quite sure that they lack the maternal instinct and remain childless by choice. Whether you want to be a mom or a loving aunt, you can’t do away with the maternal instincts. As author of the best selling Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert says in her second book Committed, being exempted from motherhood has also allowed me to become exactly the person I believe I was meant to be; not merely a writer, not merely a traveler, but also- in a quite marvelous fashion – an aunt.

Child bearing and child rearing consume so much energy that the women who do become mothers can quickly become swallowed up by that daunting task – if not outright killed by it. In an interview Gilbert is quoted saying, when modern American women make the deliberate choice not to have children, they are still called upon to defend that choice, in a culture where mother hood is still regarded as the natural evolution of a women’s life. So, get ready to being mom. Below you can find the secrets which will help you in get pregnant and becoming mother in just within 90 days.

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