Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to impress a girl

It's a very big problem for all the guys when they
see a beautiful girl but not able to impress her.
for many guys it's a very easy task to impress and
attract a girl
but for many guys it's a very
difficult task.

Attracting a girl can be tedious
some time. Girls takes all the disison by thier
heart.So it's very essential for every guys to
treat her well and give her respect.

This is a very common question that how to impress
this girl when a boy see a girl of thier choice.
Till the time he does not get a way to impress
, the task impressing a girl is really demanding and difficult.

So how to really impress a girl? it seems like a
tough question, isn't it. however the true art of
impressing a girl is simple, that they does not
impress by any thing which seems fake and

So the solution to this question is to be original
to impress your girl.

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Happy dating
Rebecca Robert...

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